4 Reasons Why a Great Logo is Important

4 Reasons Why a Great Logo is Important

The most important characteristic of a business is what it does and how it does it well. However, this description of success is seldom the first impression to drive attention. This attention often comes from an inviting and appealing logo. Give your business a commanding first step in landing new customers with BlahBlah Media’s logo tips! 

  • A logo says a thousand words – The wonder of a successful logo is it can tell interested individuals about a business without using any words, or using very few. A well-created image on a logo can not only show the services your business offers, like a bicycle for a bike shop, but also how formal or informal the brand is. A playful logo lets customers and clients know what to expect from your brand. An elegant logo ensures customers know a restaurant is a formal dining one, while one with a more casual logo draws the perfect target audience. And while the image of the logo is what will initially catch the attention of new customers, a few simple words describing the business can turn interest into a new sale or partnership. A great logo can be the first step in generating a sale or lead without anyone on your team even knowing it! 
  • Logos leave lasting impressions – The first impression is not always the selling point, but it is what keeps a brand memorable. A unique and eye-catching logo keeps your brand in the mind of potential customers and solidifies it as an option in the future. This appealing logo also can be the first step towards customers inquiring, and eventually using a brand. Logos can be seen in numerous mediums, including business’s buildings, Google searches, social media and loads of other sources, so having a logo that stands out and motivates a follow up is crucial. With a great logo on hand, ideally, the next time a potential customer is interested in operating in your industry, your brand will be remembered and chosen. It’s easier for a person to visualize and remember a logo than recall a brand’s name. A memorable logo is a great way for a company to promote itself after a single interaction. 
  • Describe a business’s values – A great logo is a massive way for customers to understand how a brand operates and what motivates it. When customers think of the values they admire, businesses that encompass these are more likely to receive their business. While these values likely won’t be explicitly expressed in the logo, a masterful one will be able to depict what a business stands for. These meaningful aspects of your brand can be massive in establishing lifelong customer loyalty, so having them incorporated into your logo can pay massive dividends. Whether the value you want your logo to depict, including professionalism, accountability, small town, or any other, featuring it can be hugely beneficial. Values and motivations help make a business seem more personable and reliable, and expressing these will surely spur results. 
  • Logos set brand consistency – Once customers become aware and accustomed to a brand’s logo, brand consistency becomes expected and can be easily achieved. As business operations continue to expand beyond in person, ensuring that customers can identify a brand in all mediums is highly important. With a set logo, which includes a brand’s staple image, color palette and fonts, customers can easily find their favorite brand without face-to-face guidance.

With a recognizable logo, former customers are more likely to use your business and your business’s profits will benefit. Generating sales from those who are familiar with your brand is both easier and more cost-effective than selling to new ones. According to Outbound Engine, selling to a previous customer yields a success rate of 60 to 70 percent, while selling to a new customer is just 5 to 20 percent. More so, increasing customer retention by just five percent will increase profits by 25 to 95 percent. 
While logos are a major factor, they are only a portion of the complete system of creating a branding style. BlahBlah Media is equipped with a knowledgeable and skilled team ready to create the perfect logo for your business, and our branding boutique is a great place for businesses to find ideas for their new design. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog with all you need to know to ensure your business has the perfect branding style to gain and keep customers!

5 Steps for Creating Quality Content

5 Steps for Creating Quality Content

We are three months into the worldwide lockdown and, to no surprise, Internet usage has increased. With a massive amount of work being done from home, the opportunity to strengthen your business’s reach online is one to take advantage of. Providing quality and engaging content is a surefire way to leave a lasting impression on new customers and old ones! The BlahBlah Media team has compiled a list of ways to deliver quality content to customers while they are at home.

  • Connect with customers

Producing genuine content is great for continuing the relationship customers and clients have with your business, especially with social distancing guidelines. Enhancing these relationships can be done in many different ways, including email campaigns, social media, blog posts and anything else your team thinks will help spread positivity. Email campaigns and blog posts can be great ways to keep customers up to date with how your business is operating to ensure your business continues to receive the revenue it needs. However, adding more casual information to preface or end these bits can make sure your customers remember the friend-like relationship they value. As for social media, with a 40 percent increase in Facebook and Instagram usage since lockdowns began, creating content your clients interact with is extremely important. Posts encouraging commenting, and even better, tagging other users, will surely help your brand grow and keep you in the minds of customers. Being playful and posting images that will force a smile is a great way to increase connection, as well.

  • Enhance SEO 

Posting quality content to your site can be extremely helpful in enhancing your customer base through SEO. SEO tune-ups can be done in a number of ways and are extremely beneficial, as search engine results are based largely on SEO. Quality content in SEO extends from keyword placement to blog posts, and everything in between. Quality keyword placement especially extends to any updates your business has introduced since social distancing has come to be; if your business is now offering delivery or virtual services, frequently listing these keywords, plus the city you operate in, throughout your website can lead to better visibility via search engines. You want to make sure you are optimizing the content on your website, email campaigns, social media platforms, your Google My Business account and meta content, such as meta descriptions and meta tags. 

  • Utilize all multimedia

Keep in mind that content extends to photos and videos, not just text. Whether your images and videos come from an internal employee with a keen skill of photography and videography or from a hired professional, having an excessive collection of this content can give your business loads of benefits. With SEO still on our minds, it’s great to point out that images and videos can enhance your sites! Be sure to include crucial information like the image file name, captions and alt tags because these are all a part of the search engine’s analysis of quality content. Choosing the right formatting for your image is also very important. Search Engine Journal notes that “PNG produces better quality images, but comes with a larger file size, while with JPEG you may lose quality, you can adjust the quality level to find a good balance.” In the more aesthetic area, appealing images are a surefire way to entice interest on social media and your site. Posting engaging and eye-catching photos and videos to your social media sites is a great way to attract new customers. While the most immediate idea of content in this realm would be of products, this isn’t the only visual content you can post to social media. Our team has found that personable content featuring employees and customers tend to do better than any other content. On your business’s website, using content specific to your products or offerings is highly important so customers new and old can clearly see how your business will benefit them. According to HubSpot, articles with images record 94 percent more views than those without, so make sure your site has those of high quality.

  • Tailor content towards your motivation

One of the defining characteristics of quality content is content with reason. With activity online continuing to be a defining aspect of business, this media usage can propel your business’s most recent strategy. If a business is looking to attract new customers, creating social media campaigns geared towards catching attention is clearly important, as well as incorporating content on the website that clearly defines what the business solves and how it does so. If a business is pivoting its offerings or adding new ones, detailing these changes on social media is a great way to attract interested customers. Customers need to have a tangible call to action for content to be effective. Regardless of the medium it’s produced in, a lack of purpose leaves content failing to fulfill its task. The biggest predictor of successful content marketing is the end result.

  • Content expresses uniqueness

All mediums of content are great ways to express the things that make your business special. Expressing these defining characteristics can be done through written content obtained from reviews online (and there’s nothing we love more in marketing than user-generated content!) or in person. Reviews posted on Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook and other sites are great ways to highlight what makes your brand different from the rest, and this content can be easily turned into written content used on your website or social media. Implementing in-person reviews create great opportunities to use photo and video content to achieve the same goal. These testimonials can also be used on your website and social media and can give an extra human element of your brand’s individuality. As for content created in house, detailing what sets your business apart from competitors can easily hook curious customers. Whether this information is placed in the “About Us” section, “How it Works” section, or somewhere else, digging deeper into your business’s unique aspects can attract and keep customers. 

At BlahBlah Media we pride ourselves on creating quality content for each and every one of our clients. If you need help creating quality content for your business, considering emailing us at or calling us at (512) 718 – 6993. We have a team of professional content writers, SEO Specialists, Brand Managers and Social Media experts that can help create the content for your business you’ve always wanted.

Guide to Digital Marketing: Digital Ads Strategy

Guide to Digital Marketing: Digital Ads Strategy

While search engine advertising is a way to receive business from those looking for your product and services, social media advertising is beneficial in creating new customers who may not have even known they need your business! If your business is a new brand in the world of golf clubs, creating social media ads directed towards users 50 years and older who are in the top 30% of earning can lead to loads of likely new customers. While these users may not be explicitly looking to buy a new set of clubs, your business’s ad popping up on their Facebook or Instagram feeds could beg the thought that “maybe I do need a new driver and putter.” The most important factor in using social media advertising is directing them to a target audience so new customers are fostered. With interest peaked, many will take to Google to search for the product your brand offers, and with a good blend of both forms of advertising, seeing your brand again in the search results can propel the customer to use your brand.

  • Creating Awareness 

Social media ads also allow for loads of flexibility in the end goal of every campaign or individual ad. One type of social media advertising goal is awareness, which we have already covered. These are the general ads that are used to locate a more specific target audience or prompt this audience to follow and stay up to date with your business. These can be done in a wide variety of ways and can be the building blocks for the other social media ad types that will follow.

  • Consideration Ads

With the hook placed and potential customers interested (thanks to awareness ads), consideration ads will often be the best for retaining customers and motivating them to act upon your brand. These types of ads can have various call to actions, but some include visits to your website, downloading your app, joining a mailing list and other means of guaranteeing continued interaction. While consideration advertisements may not actually result in any sale or profit for your business, these are incredibly important because they help to establish consistent views, which will likely lead to sales later. In general, these ads are the most commonly used on social media, so implementing them is a must.

  • Conversions Ads 

The third type of social media advertising is a conversion ad, which, of course, is the ultimate goal of every advertising strategy. These are exactly what the name implies – converting a potential customer to a new customer through a purchase online or in person. Since these advertisements are the most important, they can also be the most difficult to successfully implement. Social media users can easily be interested in following an account that posts clothes they love or a speaker they could use, but the final push to solidifying a purchase requires a well-thought and perfectly-placed digital ad. Allocating the most money to this type of ad will surely pay dividends. Spending to solidify loads of new customers and sales will make your multi-step advertising campaign a clear success.

The BlahBlah Media digital team specializes in all forms of digital marketing, including digital advertising. Our team can implement all forms of digital advertising to grow your business and ensure that the right message is being heard by the right people, every time. We proudly offer extensive knowledge in analyzing the best ways to implement this hugely beneficial marketing strategy and are here to help with personalized plans to elevate your business to the next level.

The Benefits of Digital Advertising

The Benefits of Digital Advertising

An online presence is a defining characteristic of a successful business. One of the most pivotal steps in guiding your business successfully online is implementing digital advertising. Digital advertising is a unique form in its ability to tailor to certain audiences and present your business to potential customers on a platform they use more than just about anything else; Hootsuite and We Are Social report that the average American uses the Internet six hours and 31 minutes every day. Incorporating digital advertising into your business’s agenda can be an exceedingly rewarding experience.

First off, we’re best to explain what exactly digital advertising is. In general, this form of advertising can be divided into two groups – search engine ads and social media ads. Search engine ads are what the name details. These ads are the first few results that pop up when you search on Google. Social media ads take after their namesake as well, but they come in many different forms. These are the ads that will pop up as you watch a video on YouTube or as you scroll through Facebook and Instagram. Both of these sources can be skillfully utilized to direct new customers to your business. 

As mentioned above, digital advertising is so effective due to its ability to target certain advertisements to certain audiences. This means that businesses can divvy advertising strategies across several demographics, with each one targeting a specific audience. Targeting digital ads is a staple of social media ads. With loads of information about users’ ages, interests and other factors, businesses are able to create social media advertisements tailored to very specific individuals. While one product or offering of your business may be best for a 65-year-old man living in rural Texas, another of your items may be better for a 21-year-old female college student living in the heart of Austin. With almost all social media advertising, you can narrow your scope with each advertisement to ensure every ad will interest every potential customer.

Digital advertising can also be extremely cost effective. Both social media and search engine advertising can be performed in both continuous campaign styles and quicker individual ones. A more general and lasting advertising campaign may be worth putting a little more money into, with the goal of progressively increasing new customers. With budget caps being completely flexible, you and your team can decide if this campaign is worth $25, $250, or $2,500. But the same can be done for one-off advertisements. If your brand is rolling out a new product or has a special promotion ahead, implementing an individual advertisement can be done so easily. These more specific strategies also allow you to choose the budget you want, as well as the time you want the advertisement active for. If you’re willing to spend $150 a week on this specific ad, this is simply included when the ad is created and the funds and time will be automatically implemented. 

While it is making waves as the next form of advertising, digital advertising is still in its early stages. This allows you to attempt different ads to find your best audience digitally. With such flexible prices in both social media and search engines, the BlahBlah Media team recommends beginning with a general digital advertising campaign. Targeting large audiences without niche targets can be the perfect step to finding your target audience. All sources of digital advertising offer extensive data on who is receiving and interacting with your ads. After running one or two trial advertisements, your business will be ready to implement more specific ones tailored towards the users who are most likely to be interested in your product or services.

With a firmer grip on what digital advertising is and how it operates, an understanding of when to use each one gives businesses only more strength in their marketing success. Every strong digital advertising strategy should be balanced with both search engine and social media ads, as each has its own strengths and reasonings. Search advertisements are directed to those who are already looking for your product or service, or those that are similar to your business’s. This applies to Google searches like “hot tubs near me.” Immediately, several businesses selling hot tubs will pop up, with the first few being advertisements. Implementing search advertisements is extremely beneficial because your business can be exactly what those people were looking for. A combination of a strategic search engine advertisement and a frontpage result on Google (which comes with resourceful SEO implementation) will attract potential customers’ attention and establish credibility. 

Digital advertising is one of the many passions and strengths of the BlahBlah Media team. If your brand is looking to expand its online reach, our team can provide all the guidance and resources to attract customers.