9 Tips for Working from Home During the Coronavirus

Apr 9, 2020

Working from home has its ups and downs. Knocking out your daily tasks in the comfort of your own home is amazing, but actually knocking them out can be the hard part. The BlahBlah Media team has compiled a list of nine great ways to enjoy working from home while still working from home effectively!

  1. Wake up on time – The most important part of your day is also the hardest part of your day. Waking up on time sets you up for success. While not having to make your daily commute certainly gives you some extra sleeping time, it can also give you some extra time to prepare for a productive day. Waking up when you normally would can give you ample time to make a nutritious breakfast and get in a morning walk or run. However, there’s nothing wrong with gaining a little extra sleep, just make sure you’re awake and ready to work on time! Being productive and attentive relies heavily on ensuring you get enough sleep, so shoot for those eight hours.
  2. Change out of your PJs – A change of attire can switch up your viewpoint and tell your brain it’s time to be productive. There’s no need to be in a business casual work outfit while working from home, but changing out of your pajamas helps reestablish the feeling of the routine of going to work. Now’s the best time to try out a cute skirt outfit for work or experiment with any of your new spring work outfits. Starting the day with a similar routine as going into work can ensure your brain is ready to accomplish all the tasks ahead.
  3. Setting priorities – Having a list of what needs to be done is one of the easiest ways to ensure they will be completed! Start your day with a list of all tasks ahead and it’ll be much easier to prioritize time and knock them out. Plus, making note of when tasks are finished by crossing them out or throwing a sticky note away creates an extra feeling of accomplishment. There’s nothing like a clear calendar at the end of the day! If you’re unsure how to set priorities for yourself, reach out to your team and see how they are setting and accomplishing priorities and managing workloads.
  4. Working outside – Multiple times a day at the office, we all wish to step outside and enjoy the day. Well, now is your chance! Grab your coffee and your computer and set up shop outside. There are many benefits of working outside including distancing you from the distractions inside your home and helping you clear your mind. Plus, a little Vitamin D and some fresh air can certainly help if you’re feeling under the weather.
  5. Listen to music while working – Turn on your favorite playlist while working instead of the tv – there will be plenty of time to binge-watch your favorite show once your daily tasks are completed. Having the television playing in the background can be extremely distracting and you could easily find yourself hooked into what craziness Michael Scott has for his employees. The benefits of listening to music while working will ensure you are productive and your tasks will feel like a breeze. Listening to meditation music while working or listening to classical music while working can help with concentration even more!
  6. Set up a workstation – Creating a daily routine as similar to the one at work is vital to being productive while working from home. Setting up a workspace at home will greatly help with this. Whether this is at a desk in your room, your home office or at your kitchen table, having your computer, calendar, notes and anything else you need to accomplish your tasks always at the same place will help you be ready to have a productive day. The importance of a clean work environment is massive – with a consistent area and no clutter, you’ll enjoy your temporary workspace. Also, check out Pinterest for fun ideas on how to stay organized!
  7. Connecting with coworkers – Just because you aren’t with your team doesn’t mean you can’t connect with coworkers and continue your brand’s sense of community! There are many great websites to help with this, including Slack for chatting and Zoom for video calls. Plus, there’s never been a better time to start a team-wide group text than now. Communicating with your team will not only help to connect on tasks needing to be completed but will also help with keeping morale high and ensuring others aren’t lonely. The BlahBlah team has a weekly Zoom happy hour; we highly recommend it!
  8. Take breaks between projects – You’re working from the comfort of your home, so be comfortable! Once you finish a project, reward yourself with a few minutes of downtime. Pour yourself some coffee (or wine, we won’t tell), browse your favorite social network, pet your dog and step outside for a walk. Appreciate a job well done and treat yourself to the little things. Spacing your tasks out with small breaks will eliminate burnout and have your motivation at its peak. Use these quick breaks to create your own self-care plan and practice these self-care activities every time you step away.
  9. Set an end time to stop & relax – Just like waking up on time, being consistent with the end of your day is crucial to keeping yourself motivated. Plus, setting a continuous ending time will ensure you are completing tasks in a timely manner. Calling your day early or working extremely late will throw off the following day and the rest of your week. Having a set relaxation time to look ahead to will have you eager to complete tasks and enjoy the rest of your day at home. Find how to make a daily schedule and stick to it – your body and your mind will thank you. Don’t overwork yourself!

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