4 Reasons Why a Great Logo is Important

Jul 1, 2020

The most important characteristic of a business is what it does and how it does it well. However, this description of success is seldom the first impression to drive attention. This attention often comes from an inviting and appealing logo. Give your business a commanding first step in landing new customers with BlahBlah Media’s logo tips! 

  • A logo says a thousand words – The wonder of a successful logo is it can tell interested individuals about a business without using any words, or using very few. A well-created image on a logo can not only show the services your business offers, like a bicycle for a bike shop, but also how formal or informal the brand is. A playful logo lets customers and clients know what to expect from your brand. An elegant logo ensures customers know a restaurant is a formal dining one, while one with a more casual logo draws the perfect target audience. And while the image of the logo is what will initially catch the attention of new customers, a few simple words describing the business can turn interest into a new sale or partnership. A great logo can be the first step in generating a sale or lead without anyone on your team even knowing it! 
  • Logos leave lasting impressions – The first impression is not always the selling point, but it is what keeps a brand memorable. A unique and eye-catching logo keeps your brand in the mind of potential customers and solidifies it as an option in the future. This appealing logo also can be the first step towards customers inquiring, and eventually using a brand. Logos can be seen in numerous mediums, including business’s buildings, Google searches, social media and loads of other sources, so having a logo that stands out and motivates a follow up is crucial. With a great logo on hand, ideally, the next time a potential customer is interested in operating in your industry, your brand will be remembered and chosen. It’s easier for a person to visualize and remember a logo than recall a brand’s name. A memorable logo is a great way for a company to promote itself after a single interaction. 
  • Describe a business’s values – A great logo is a massive way for customers to understand how a brand operates and what motivates it. When customers think of the values they admire, businesses that encompass these are more likely to receive their business. While these values likely won’t be explicitly expressed in the logo, a masterful one will be able to depict what a business stands for. These meaningful aspects of your brand can be massive in establishing lifelong customer loyalty, so having them incorporated into your logo can pay massive dividends. Whether the value you want your logo to depict, including professionalism, accountability, small town, or any other, featuring it can be hugely beneficial. Values and motivations help make a business seem more personable and reliable, and expressing these will surely spur results. 
  • Logos set brand consistency – Once customers become aware and accustomed to a brand’s logo, brand consistency becomes expected and can be easily achieved. As business operations continue to expand beyond in person, ensuring that customers can identify a brand in all mediums is highly important. With a set logo, which includes a brand’s staple image, color palette and fonts, customers can easily find their favorite brand without face-to-face guidance.

With a recognizable logo, former customers are more likely to use your business and your business’s profits will benefit. Generating sales from those who are familiar with your brand is both easier and more cost-effective than selling to new ones. According to Outbound Engine, selling to a previous customer yields a success rate of 60 to 70 percent, while selling to a new customer is just 5 to 20 percent. More so, increasing customer retention by just five percent will increase profits by 25 to 95 percent. 
While logos are a major factor, they are only a portion of the complete system of creating a branding style. BlahBlah Media is equipped with a knowledgeable and skilled team ready to create the perfect logo for your business, and our branding boutique is a great place for businesses to find ideas for their new design. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog with all you need to know to ensure your business has the perfect branding style to gain and keep customers!

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