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While search engine advertising is a way to receive business from those looking for your product and services, social media advertising is beneficial in creating new customers who may not have even known they need your business! If your business is a new brand in the world of golf clubs, creating social media ads directed towards users 50 years and older who are in the top 30% of earning can lead to loads of likely new customers. While these users may not be explicitly looking to buy a new set of clubs, your business’s ad popping up on their Facebook or Instagram feeds could make them think “maybe I do need a new driver and putter.” The most important factor in using social media advertising is directing them to a target audience so new customers are fostered. With interest peaked, many will take to Google to search for the product your brand offers, and with a good blend of both forms of advertising, seeing your brand again in the search results can propel the customer to use your brand.

  • Creating Awareness 

Social media ads also allow for loads of flexibility in the end goal of every campaign or individual ad. One type of social media advertising goal is awareness, which we have already covered. These are the general ads that are used to locate a more specific target audience or prompt this audience to follow and stay up to date with your business. These can be done in a wide variety of ways and can be the building blocks for the other social media ad types that will follow.

  • Consideration Ads

With the hook placed and potential customers interested (thanks to your awareness ads), consideration ads will often be the best for retaining customers and motivating them to act upon your brand. These types of ads can have various call to actions, but some include visits to your website, downloading your app, joining a mailing list and other means of guaranteeing continued interaction. While consideration advertisements may not actually result in any sale or profit for your business, these are incredibly important because they help to establish consistent views, which will likely lead to sales later. In general, these ads are the most commonly used on social media, so implementing them is a must.

  • Conversions Ads 

The third type of social media advertising is a conversion ad, which, of course, is the ultimate goal of every advertising strategy. These are exactly what the name implies – converting a potential customer to a new customer through a purchase online or in person. Since these advertisements are the most important, they can also be the most difficult to successfully implement. Social media users can easily be interested in following an account that posts clothes they love or a speaker they could use, but the final push to solidifying a purchase requires a well-thought and perfectly-placed digital ad. Allocating the most money to this type of ad will surely pay dividends. Spending to solidify loads of new customers and sales will make your multi-step advertising campaign a clear success.

The BlahBlah Media digital team specializes in all forms of digital marketing, including digital advertising. Our team can implement all forms of digital advertising to grow your business and ensure that the right message is being heard by the right people, every time. We proudly offer extensive knowledge in analyzing the best ways to implement this hugely beneficial marketing strategy and are here to help with personalized plans to elevate your business to the next level.

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