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An online presence is a defining characteristic of a successful business according to advertising trends in 2020. One of the most pivotal steps in guiding your business successfully online is implementing digital advertising techniques. Digital advertising is a unique form in its ability to tailor to certain audiences and present your business to potential customers on a platform they use more than just about anything else; Hootsuite and We Are Social report that the average American uses the Internet six hours and 31 minutes every day. Incorporating a digital advertising firm into your business’s agenda can be an exceedingly rewarding experience.

First off, we’re best to explain what types of digital advertising formats there are. In general, this form of advertising can be divided into two groups – search engine ads and social media ads. Search engine ads are what the name details. These ads are the first few results that pop up when you search on Google. Social media ads take after their namesake as well, but they come in many different forms. These are the ads that will pop up as you watch a video on YouTube or as you scroll through Facebook and Instagram. Both of these sources can be skillfully utilized to direct new customers to your business. 

As mentioned above, digital advertising is so effective due to its ability to target certain advertisements to certain audiences. This means that businesses can divvy advertising strategies across several demographics, with each one targeting a specific audience. Targeting digital ads is a staple of social media ads. With loads of information about users’ ages, interests and other factors, businesses are able to create social media advertisements tailored to very specific individuals. While one product or offering of your business may be best for a 65-year-old man living in rural Texas, another of your items may be better for a 21-year-old female college student living in the heart of Austin. With almost all social media advertising, you can narrow your scope with each advertisement to ensure every ad will interest every potential customer.

Digital advertising can also be extremely cost effective. Both social media and search engine advertising can be performed in both continuous campaign styles and quicker individual ones. A more general and lasting advertising campaign may be worth putting a little more money into, with the goal of progressively increasing new customers. With budget caps being completely flexible, you and your team can decide if this campaign is worth $25, $250, or $2,500. But the same can be done for one-off advertisements. If your brand is rolling out a new product or has a special promotion ahead, implementing an individual advertisement can be done so easily. These more specific strategies also allow you to choose the budget you want, as well as the time you want the advertisement active for. If you’re willing to spend $150 a week on this specific ad, this is simply included when the ad is created and the funds and time will be automatically implemented. 

While it is making waves as the next form of advertising, digital advertising is still in its early stages. This allows you to attempt different ads to find your best audience digitally. With such flexible prices in both social media and search engines, the BlahBlah Media team recommends beginning with a general digital advertising campaign. Targeting large audiences without niche targets can be the perfect step to finding your target audience. All sources of digital advertising offer extensive data on who is receiving and interacting with your ads. After running one or two trial advertisements, your business will be ready to implement more specific ones tailored towards the users who are most likely to be interested in your product or services.

With a firmer grip on what digital advertising is and how it operates, an understanding of when to use each one gives businesses only more strength in their marketing success. Every strong digital advertising strategy should be balanced with both search engine and social media ads, as each has its own strengths and reasonings. Search advertisements are directed to those who are already looking for your product or service, or those that are similar to your business’s. This applies to Google searches like “hot tubs near me.” Immediately, several businesses selling hot tubs will pop up, with the first few being advertisements. Implementing search advertisements is extremely beneficial because your business can be exactly what those people were looking for. A combination of a strategic search engine advertisement and a frontpage result on Google (which comes with resourceful SEO implementation) will attract potential customers’ attention and establish credibility. 

As a digital advertising agency, the BlahBlah Media team is ready to help your company enhance your marketing plan. If your brand is looking to expand its online reach, our team can provide all the guidance and resources to attract customers.

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