Steps to Improve Your Business’s Service Quality

May 14, 2020

Every business is rooted in serving others. Whether your business is in retail, hospitality, finance, or any other industry, your business largely depends on serving clients and serving them well. Customers take many things into consideration before deciding to do business with a company, but the biggest factor will almost always come down to how well that business can serve their needs. This is why it is important to analyze your company story and ensure that it emphasizes your success in serving people. Here at BlahBlah Media, we’ve compiled a list of six steps to help you improve your business’ service quality.
  • Show, don’t tell 
One of the most effective ways to express your business’s strengths in serving your customer is to show them, rather than tell them. Visualizing an experience for your customer is an engaging (and memorable) way to get them hooked on your service or product. One of the easiest ways to detail your story is by answering the four points of your business, which are what your business is, the problem it solves, how it solves the problem and the experience customers have. By doing this, customers understand exactly why your business works for them and why they’ll enjoy using it.
  • Focus on your product, not your company history
Many business owners love describing the history of their business. While this may help to finalize a sale or deal, it likely won’t be the piece of information that motivates a customer or business to partner with your brand initially. Including the history too early can actually bog down your business’s important information! Expressing your brand’s history is better done in the later stages of communication once a deeper connection has been created. Draw the customer in with details about how you can make their life better and solve their problem or let them know what sets you apart from your competition. Then, once you’ve created a relationship with the customer, give them the rundown of your company history. 
  • Ensure you’re following the four points of your business 
Ensure your business is fluid when expressing this information! Whether at a career fair, networking event, or on your business’s website, or social media, staying consistent with expressing the four important points of your business will show your professionalism and result in more leads. When editing any of these portions (or others), make sure customers can clearly understand exactly what your business does, the problem it solves, how the problem is solved and the experience they should expect. These four factors are the backbone of your business, so don’t allow them to go unheard!
  • Know your demographics 
Make sure the clients you’re pursuing are the right fit. Fine pointing your clientele search will guarantee your business is only searching for potential clients who suffer from the problem you solve. A lawn service company wouldn’t be too successful dropping off flyers door to door at an apartment building. However, this same business would likely find much greater success in doing the same at several apartment complexes’ front offices. Getting the right message to the right people is one saying BlahBlah lives by! 
  • Don’t be afraid to pivot
Understand that, especially now, customers’ problems and needs change. With this in mind, your brand’s solutions need to change as well. While these changes will only be temporary, they may be the ones that help your brand land new lifetime customers. Identifying new needs from customers and finding your brand’s solutions to them can not only help your brand succeed but also be a positive light in others’ lives. The world is always evolving, so make sure your brand’s story is evolving with the times.
  • Make sure you have a call to action
The last thing to ensure your brand has to serve customers is a call to action! After hearing how well your business solves their problem and how great they will feel, customers will be eager to use your business. Your call to action can guide someone to book an appointment on your website or social media or organize a meeting after a successful networking event, but without a call to action, your brand can’t serve your customers. Make sure it’s somewhere! Be sure to tune into our weekly Cut the Blah Networking Group on Facebook to hear more networking tips and connect with others in the marketing community. Join us every Wednesday from 3 to 4 pm and hear what our CEO Kendra McLelland has to say, as well as answer any questions you may have about marketing, networking, or cocktails!

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