Benefits of Branding: How to Create a Brand Identity

May 6, 2020

What comes to your customers’ minds when they think of your business? Ideally, they immediately think of your beautiful logo, catchy slogan, creative name, or some other defining characteristic. Without one or multiple of these defining factors, your business lacks a pivotal strength; its brand. 

Effectively utilizing your branding can massively help your business be seen, ultimately motivating it to succeed. While all businesses have branding in one manner or another, only the strongest expand upon it through alignment. Successfully aligning your brand extends throughout the entirety of your business. The BlahBlah Media team has identified three crucial reasons why your business needs to ensure its alignment. Whether strengthening relationships with customers, increasing revenue, or bettering clients’ experiences, aligning your brand will be a lasting result.

1. Creating trust and consistency

Customers value consistency. Aligning your brand is one of the simplest ways to ensure your customers and clients receive the consistency they expect. Using a cohesive color choice, logo, slogan and various other aspects will make sure your customers’ experiences are always parallel. This alignment must extend to everything that makes your business a brand. This includes your website, social media, printed material and everything else that customers and clients engage with.

With consistency at hand, a sense of trust and reliability will be easily established. Customers will feel more comfortable conducting business with a brand that is always fluid. More so, as your business’s branding continues to grow and expand, it will become more easily recognizable from potential customers. Potential customers may emerge from recommendations of your already trusting customers or from the appeal that comes with your consistent branding. 

Whether your brand is just beginning its journey in aligning its branding or is looking to only better its existing one, one of the most helpful tools is to create a branding guide. A branding guide is a collection of your business’s logo, color scheme, tagline, vision statement and other defining characteristics. By creating and implementing this branding guide, aligning your business will be an easy task. This concrete system ensures that everything needed to create a clear brand is present and nothing will slip through the cracks. 

2. Increasing your business’s revenue

As mentioned above, solid branding can promote increased usage from established customers, as well as new customers. Being persistent is just as important as being consistent, especially when pursuing new customers. With an aligned brand, potential clients will quickly become intrigued by the consistency your business displays. However, the same is true if your business is not imploring a consistent brand; customers will be disinterested in your business’s inability. 

According to Forbes, a consistent branding strategy in all manners can increase your business’s income by 23 percent. Taking the extra efforts to not only create your brand but finetune it can clearly pay massive dividends. Customers enjoy dealing with a business that feels like an individual rather than a business. Having a brand that presents its material in a professional and friendly manner can certainly result in increased business. However, it is critical to make sure your business aligns all its presentations. Inconsistency runs the risk of seeming ingenuine. 

3. Protecting customers’ experiences

The experience your customers and potential customers receive is massive in their decisions to conduct business. A promising consultation and lovely business card can be overshadowed by a website and follow up meeting that fails to align with what the customer initially experienced. The lack of consistency and alignment can be the final touch, or lack thereof, to finalize a sale or deal.

More so, customers don’t want to feel they are not getting what they expected. Partnering with an encouraging business and its well-presented brand, only to find disappointment weeks later as this brand fails to truly encompass the personality could be costly. The genuine people-first, business-second relationship valued by customers can be severed with the lack of consistency. 

You want customers to look forward to talking and dealing with your business. You want to create a brand that promotes feelings of genuine connection. The BlahBlah Media team values true connection as well. If your business needs assistance in building its brand or strengthening its current one, the BlahBlah team is here to help give your business the exact brand it needs in all manners.

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